Advantages Of Brinell Hardness Testing Machine

Posted by Admin on October, 20, 2014

Hardness is the property of a metal that provides it with the ability to resist deformation. When metals are used for manufacturing industrial parts, it is important to check with their ability withstand stress. For testing the hardness of these metals, different tests such as Rockwell hardness test, Vickers hardness test and Brinell hardness test. Out of all the hardness tests, Brinell hardness test is the most popular. This test uses some weight to press a small carbide ball into the metal material. It then measures the dent in order to determine the hardness of the material. The advantages offered by the Brinell hardness test are many; some of them are listed below:

Testing of different metals
Common hardness testing machines measure the hardness of a metal according to the load that is applied on them. Because of this, they are not able to test fragile metals. The Brinell hardness test helps in getting accurate hardness testing as it allows both the load and the size of the ball to be pressed. This allows the machine to test metals of any thickness or size.

Testing of wider sample materials
The Brinell testing machine uses a sphere for testing sample materials. Other testing machines have a point or cone which do not allow testing in case of a wider section of the metal. Metals vary in their strength at different points, and they require a wider space for testing which possible only with Brinell testing machines.

Force independent results
The results generated from the Brinell testing machine are force-independent as the force that is applied on the metal can be adjusted according to their size and strength. This adjustment in the amount of force does not affect the results. There is a sphere that distributes pressure evenly on the surface of the metal.

To conclude, the benefits offered by the Brinell hardness testing machines are many. Brinell Hardness Testing Machines can be sourced from reputed Brinell Hardness Testing Machine Suppliers.

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