Mechanical Universal Testing Machine

Posted by Admin on August, 08, 2014

The Mechanical Universal Testing Machine is designed for testing metals and other materials for tension, transverse, bending, compression, and shear loads. It is a fast, accurate and simple to operate testing machine used in various manufacturing industries. The Machine consists of three main units including the Straining Unit, Control panel and Power pack and Hydraulic Controls. So, let us look at them in detail below:

  • Straining unit- The straining unit consists of a hydraulic cylinder motor featuring chain and sprocket drive, and a table attached with ram of hydraulic cylinder seated onto a robust base. The tension test is performed gripping the test sample between the upper and lower cross heads. The test specimen placed between the table and a cross head is used for the shear, compression, bending, transverse, and hardness tests;
  • Control Panel- It consists of a power pack featuring drive motor, control valves, oil tank, a load indicator system, pendulum dynamometer, and autographic recorder. The power pack can generate maximum pressure of 200 KGF/cm. It has a hydraulic pump that continuously provides non-pulsating oil flow. It offers smooth load application;
  • Hydraulic Controls- The wheels operated by hand are used to control the to and fro flow of hydraulic cylinder. The regulation of oil flow is uneven. Moreover, the hydraulic system comprises a regulating valve that maintains a constant rate of piston movement. Extensometer readings can be taken due to control by the valves;

Features of the Mechanical Universal Testing Machine:

  • High loading accuracy
  • Robust straining frame to allow straining at variable speed for variety of materials
  • Roll graphic recorder to study the behavior of materials
  • Threaded columns driven by motor for easy and quick adjustment of lower crosshead to allow speedy fixing of the test specimen
  • Large dial size and design provide high reading accuracy
  • Standard and special accessories with load stabilizer
  • Effortless change from plain, threaded and screwed specimens
  • Easy controls allow for simplicity of performance
  • Safe operation with quality and safety assured devices
  • Enclosed and protected pendulum

The Mechanical Universal Testing Machines can be taken from any of the Universal Testing Machine Suppliers. They are closely monitored and controlled for accuracy, sensitivity, and calibration at every stage of production. The machine is also calibrated over each of the measuring ranges in accordance with the industrial standards.

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