Working Of Vickers Testing Machine

Posted by Admin on September, 24, 2014

Hardness is the resistance of a material to its permanent deformation. Hardness testers are used by engineers for checking if the components are durable and hard. The Vickers hardness test is a hardness test which was developed in 1924 by Smith and Sandland. This test is used for evaluating the hardness of a material by taking the ratio between the load applied and the surface area of the resultant impression. This test is very similar on the basis of the principle to the Brinell hardness test. Discussed below is more on the working of the hardness testing machine and its features:

Working Of A Vickers Testing Machine
The indicator of the testing machine is set at the reading position. There is an indenter present in this machine which plays a key role in determining the hardness of a material. The intender is positioned in such a manner that it comes in contact with the testing material at a 120-degree angle.

The first step is the preload where the level of pressure is set according to the test material. Then, the indenter is released for making at impact with the test material. The depth of the indentation is recorded for the next test. In the next test, pressure is applied at different areas on the surface of the test material. This pressure is maintained for some time. The result of the test is an indentation or mark on the test material.

Features Of Vickers Testing Machine
  • Vickers testing machine has a wide testing range. It is capable of testing different materials, from soft metal such as lead, the hard metals like hardened steel.
  • They feature small indentation which allows testing of precision finished parts.
  • In the case of same components, same hardness number is obtained, regardless of the load which is applied on the machine.
  • When thin components are used for testing, the load by the machine is very less.
  • These machines have an automatic loading and unloading cycle.
  • They have a built-in projection screen which shows accurate results to the operator.

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