Shivam Industries holds top slot as the credible Manufacturers and Suppliers of Testing Machine in India. We basically deal in different types of Testing Machines, which are Spring Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine, Erichsen Cupping Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine,

Hardness Testing Machine

Material Hardness Testing Machine Suppliers in India

We are a prominent Manufacturer and Supplier of Hardness Testing Machine in India. Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine, Vickers Hardness Testing Machine and Brinell Hardness Testing Machine are the different types of Hardness Testing Machine offered by us. We have designed three models of Brinell Hardness Testing Machine such as SHI ΓΆ€“ B 3000 ΓΆ€“ J, SHI ΓΆ€“ B 3000 ΓΆ€“ H and SHI ΓΆ€“ B 3000 ΓΆ€“ O. Our Material Hardness Testing Machines are widely used in engineering applications to test the resistance to indentation in different metals. A typical application where our Hardness Testing Machine in India is used includes for testing the strength of forged parts such as rolled plates, extrusions, machined parts, or forgings. We are regarded as one of the leading Hardness Testing Machines Suppliers in the market today.

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