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Impact Testing Machine

We are a reliable manufacturer and supplier of Impact Testing Machines in India. Our Impact Testing Machine is designed for conducting Izod & Charpy test. The test method conforms to BS: 131: part 4 1972 (Amended 15 Aug ΓΆ€“ 1993) & BSEN: 10045 ΓΆ€“ 2: 1993.

Working of Impact Testing Machine
The Pendulum is mounted on antifriction bearings. It has two starting positions, the upper one for Charpy and the lower one for Izod testing. On release, the pendulum swings down to break the specimen and the energy absorbed in doing so is measured as the difference between the height of drop before rupture & height of raise after rupture of the test specimen; the measurement is read from the maximum pointer on the dial scale.

Controls of Pendulum
The Pendulum is supported in the starting position is by a self resetting latch. The release mechanism is operated by lever. The pendulum release latch moves only when this lever is operated.

Strikers & Supports
There are two strikers & one combined support available for fitting into the pendulum & on to the base of the machine for Izod, or Charpy test. Changing from one striker to another is achieved simply by fixing the new striker into its position.

Optional Accessories In Impact Testing Machine
  • Caliper gauge for checking V notch for Izod & Charpy as per BS: 131: Part 1, 2, 3
  • Depth notch gauge including V & U notch, angle & radius

Self centering tong
  • V ΓΆ€“ Notch milling cutter
  • U ΓΆ€“ Notch milling cutter

Charpy Test
The sample to be tested is kept on support anvils that are typically made from Ally Steel. These anvils are fitted on the base of the machine. There is also an end stopper that holds the sample in a central position between the support anvils.

Izod Test
The Izod test piece is clamped vertically in Izod support anvils, fitted at the foot of the machine. The support is provided with a machined vertical groove to suit the test piece size. The front clamp piece & allen screw enable clamping of the test piece at correct height with the help of Izod setting gauge.


Model 30 -SGI - IT 30 -SGI - IT - E SGI - IT - 1.5 SGI - IT - 0.5
Maximum Capacity 300 J / 168 J 300 J / 170 J 15 - J 5 - J
Minimum Scale Graduation 2 J 0.5 J 0.1 J 0.05 J
Overall Size - Approx. 1.65 m ( H ) 1.65 m ( H ) 0.52 m ( H ) 0.52 m ( H )
1.1 m ( L ) 1.32 m ( L ) 0.5 m ( L ) 0.5 m ( L )
0.45 m ( W ) 0.45 m ( W ) 0.3 m ( W ) 0.3 m ( W )
Net Weight - Approx. 425 Kg. 425 Kg. 100 Kg. 70 Kg.