Shivam Industries holds top slot as the credible Manufacturers and Suppliers of Testing Machine in India. We basically deal in different types of Testing Machines, which are Spring Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine, Erichsen Cupping Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine,

Spring Testing Machine

SHIVAMâs Spring Testing Machines are used for quick and accurate testing of tension and compression springs. The Spring Testing Machine comprises of two hand-chrome plated columns with fine cut single screw and hand wheel for manual loading as well as unloading arrangement. Our Spring Testing Machine uses a high precision-load cell for measurement of force. For displacement measurement, mechanical linear scale or digital vernier caliper or rotary encoder is used. Measuring system of Spring Testing Machine is based on latest microprocessor based electronics with tare facility. We manufacture and supply Spring Testing Machine across the nation.

  • Digital vernier scale with 0.01 mm resolution for displacement indication ( 6â to 12â )
  • Rotary encoder with separate digital unit 0.1 to 0.01 mm resolution
  • 9 / 24 pin Dot â Matrix printer interface
  • Serial interface hardware with data transfer software to computer
  • Motorized loading operation

  • Microprocessor based unit.
  • Force measurement accuracy + 1% of indicated load or 0.5% of full load value whichever is higher.
  • Quick and accurate measurement
  • Interchangeable load cells
  • Modulus data for load and displacement
  • Optional Dot Matrix Printer interface
  • Optional RS â 232 Computer interface with window based software

Technical Specifications

Model SGI - STM 20 SGI - STM 200 SGI - STM 500
Maximum Capacity 20 Kg., 10 Kg., 5Kg. 200 Kg., 100 Kg., 50Kg. 300 Kg., 500Kg.
Width between columns 160 mm 160 mm 250 mm
Maximum Cross Head Travel 160 mm 160 mm 250 mm
Force Measurement Resolution 1 gm 10 gm 0.1 kg.

Displacement Measuring Resolution

Type Range Resolution
Mechanical Scale - ( Standard ) 0 - 150 mm 1.00 mm
Digital Vernier Gauge - ( Optional ) 0 - 150 mm 0.01 mm
Rotary Encoder - ( Optional ) 0 - 150 mm 0.10 mm / 0.01 mm